Help me cut down my search time?

I heard somewhere that daedalus will have some type of exchange feature that will support Cardano smart contracts, I did not have a big interest in it at the time but now I cannot find the info again and I am trying to understand what that is going to look like.
Mind helping me cutdown my search time?

I am aware of a very broad statement here :
Engineers are in the process of designing and building many more useful features. Plans for development include:
An application store with community-built applications and support for virtually any cryptocurrency.

I know there was a video that had a similar statement (I think it was CH), anyway just trying to understand how Cardano Dapps will be traded on the platform between 2 user’s.

Any help is appreciated!!! :+1::fist_right:

I’d say this is probably still up in the air.


Not very detailed (yet) because a progress report from project manager, but clearly announced and mentioned here (min1:xx)