New ways to play with your ADA tokens via Rosen Bridge!

After several years of R&D, Rosen Bridge is now live on mainnet!

This lets you bridge Cardano to Ergo and vice-versa. Important to note a bridge is not the same as a swap. You aren’t swapping ADA<>ERG, but rather turning your ADA into rsERG on Ergo or ERG into rsADA on Cardano.

This means you can now use your ADA tokens in Ergo DeFi. Bridge has just been launched so dApps are still upgrading to support it but already you can

  • Use rsADA in (decentralised market-place for NFTs, tokens and more)
  • Use rsADA as collateral on SigmaFi which is a decentralised p2p bonds market. Right now someone has a 12 months loan request up for 125,000 rsADA with 1M RSN as collateral + 10 interest.
  • will be launching a rsADA lending pool within the next 48hours
  • Mix your rsADA in ErgoMixer
  • Get exposure to Ergo via buying rsERG on Cardano DEX’s (Spectrum, Minswap, Sundae)

Expect to see more integrations and rsADA offerings launched in the coming months!

For more information on Rosen see the ergo documentation

And make sure to check out the Catalyst Fund 11 Proposal Onboarding Ethereum & EVM Ecosystems to Cardano via Rosen Bridge. As logic is ergo-centric (smart contracts are on Ergo, only a multi-sig is needed on the other chain), the Rosen team hopes to scale the bridge to become a hub for cross-chain interoperability.

That naming seems unintuitive to me. Shouldn’t your Ada on Cardano get bridged into “rsAda” (rosen Ada) on Ergo? And, Erg on Ergo get bridged to “rsErg” on Cardano?

That is correct yep, keep getting an error when trying to edit!

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Any update?

See this page on the ergo documentation for a list of current and upcoming use cases for Rosen.