Ergo, founded by IOHK scholars - is bringing ErgoDex to Cardano

“It's one of the most revolutionary cryptocurrencies ever built. Got so many crazy ideas like sigma protocols and pruning the blockchain and roller chains. All this crazy stuff. Even has a proof of no premine. So really a technological marvel in many respects, and it reflects about 8 years of knowledge that Alex has amassed as both a researcher and a developer. Super concise code and it blows my mind that the market cap is where it's at. It should be a top 10 coin or top 15 coin" — Charles Hoskinson

Thanks to the extended UTXO model, liquidity pool contracts for AMM-based DEXes can be combined with order contracts (for orderbook-based DEXes). This gives the unique possibility to have shared liquidity among different types of exchanges on top of the Ergo blockchain.

This dex will be built on Ergo initially, and integrated with ADA when Plutus is launched.

Slides here :

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I’m really excited for Ergo-Dex, this gonna bring an additional value to Cardano-space! From what i check, i could access their website, is it already on progress? thanks!

Yep! Basic AMM version should be live on Ergo in about a month.

Bro, what is your opinion in regards to Ageusd? i would like to discuss more about this, been trying to understand it, maybe can you share some opinion.

ERGO token sale/IEO? Underway, already happened or scheduled for later?

do you have a link for the ergo token sale