Ergo - Proof of Work Cardano

Hey everyone,
Today, I’m diving into Ergo—a proof of work layer 1 smart contract platform that’s been around since July 2019.
Partnered with Cardano, Ergo uses extended UTXO, similar to Bitcoin, but with Smart contracts, and boasts GPU mining, open-source protocols, duckpools, Cyberverse metaverse and a focus on decentralization.

What’s fascinating about Ergo is its collaboration with Cardano. Ergo’s extended UTXO model aligns closely with Cardano’s vision, making it a perfect testing ground for new ideas and protocols.
By working together, Cardano had the opportunity to beta test contracts on Ergo, as per Charles Hoskinson, they tested a stablecoin, and an oracle and other things with , Ergo’s amazing community.
quoting Charles : Ergo is the spiritual successor to bitcoin, Ergo has the same culture the same mentality, and the technology is the natural evolution of what you would do if you knew abt BTC and wanted to build the NEXT BIG THING.

While it may seem like a “proof of work Cardano” with similarities in UTXO usage, Ergo’s unique features and partnerships make it an interesting project to watch.
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