Brisbane Cardano Meetup, April 20th - Cardano's EVM Side Chain, Milkomeda Bringing Solidity Smart Contracts to Cardano

This is a live stream of the Cardano meetup in Brisbane being held on the 20th April 2022.

Sebastien Guillemot, the CTO and Co-Founder of dcSpark will be joining us to talk about Milkomeda, the side chain for Cardano that is bringing EVM and Solidity capabilities to the Cardano mainnet. We’ll talk about zkRollups, Solidity dApps and much more.

If you are wondering how you start developing dApps and connecting to the Cardano mainnet with existing EVM dApps, this is the meetup session for you.

We’ll also look into the ERC-20 converter.

If all goes well, we can demo how we can convert a ERC-20 token from Ethereum over to a Cardano version and run it on a converted decentralised app that has been ported over from Ethereum to Cardano.

There are many projects that have been waiting for all of this functionality and start moving assets over from Ethereum and other EVM based blockchains to Cardano and tap into its ecosystem of staking, governance, security and scalability.

Will we see a mass migration from other chains over to Cardano? Will we see more developers start building side chain projects and integrating it with Cardano? Will we see more scam projects launch on side chains?

We’ll look into all of this and more in this meetup!

(Local times Australian Eastern Standard)
5:30p - Arrivals & drinks
6:00p - Introductions
6:15p - Cardano news and updates
6:30p - Milkomeda presentation
7:00p - Open QA session & local projects building on Cardano
7:30p - Pub and networking

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