Brisbane Meetup 2018 #1


I’d love to meet up with fellow Brisbane Cardano enthusiasts!

Possible date; 31/03/2018
Location; Up for discussion - Newstead Brewing, Milton, possibly?

Fellow Brisbanites, let me know if you’re keen to meet up, and feel free to suggest a more suitable location.




I would be interested, not sure how many other Brisbane based people there are though.

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Yep keen to meet up to.

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Down in Surfers for the moment. Will definitely join! Always looking to make some friends haha

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Awesome! I wasn’t expecting many, but even a small group of likeminded people would be great :slight_smile:

I’m keen and happy with the location

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Hey people,

It never occurred to me that this weekend is the Easter weekend. Are people still happy with it being this Saturday night? Or would it be more agreeable to shift it to the following weekend?


Prefer a different date mate.

Hi, sorry for the late reply. I’d prefer another date, next weekend I’m busy, but a week night is always an option.

Okay guys, let’s postpone the meet. I’ll message shortly to rearrange. Cheers!

any update on this guys…?

Hey all,

Firstly, sorry for the delay in reorganising. I’ve been a little busy with life stuff.

How does Saturday the 12th of May work for others? Is Newstead Brewing in Milton still an agreeable location?

Let me know your thoughts.


I’m keen, what time?

Hello @Mitchell :slight_smile:

We’d love to help promote the meetup - are you able to setup the group using ?

We can get a few T-shirts and stickers in the post if we have some notice.

@maki.mukai has written a terrific post on getting started here >> Hosting your Cardano Meetup and how to get started

Look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Jon,

That would be awesome!

I’ll setup a event this afternoon after work, and I’ll shoot you a PM as well.


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Hi @Mitchell perfect! Look forward to catching up :slight_smile:

Thanks very much.


I have made a Facebook event for the Meet :slight_smile:

Mitchell, Wont be able to make it to the meetup but i will try next time. Hope all goes well.

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Okay guys n gals, who’s actually coming tomorrow?

Hey all, due to a lack of numbers I think we best cancel this one too. We will do this one day! Hahaha