Brisbane's Not a Cardano Summit 2023 Satellite Event

This year the Brisbane Cardano community put together a meetup for the Cardano Summit. Essentially a Cardano Summit satellite event but not an official one.

We didn’t have as big of a turn out compared to previous years but that was to be expected considering out regular monthly Meetup numbers and the market conditions.

Videos & Presentations

Building on Cardano, My Journey So Far - Phil Lewis Co-Founder Empowa - Brisbane Cardano Mini Event

Legal cases, trends & projections, in 2023 & beyond - Jamie Nuich (Square Pegs Legal) - Cardano

On-chain art and platform - Charles & Duncan ( - Brisbane Cardano

Create an NFT Collection on SaturnNFT & NMKR - Peter Bui - Brisbane Cardano Event

Creating A Cardano Node as a Relay or Custom Submit API - Peter Bui - Brisbane Cardano


This year we managed to get the fabulous Precinct venue for free which helped hugely on the budgets.
The venue also came with its own AV system for streaming and capturing videos, although it had a little bit of an issue throughout the day.

We managed to pull off the event for less than $400 AUD plus some additional funds from sponsors, Empowa, SelfDriven and CardanoPress.

Next year we’ll organise merchandise and better catering for all.

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Looks like it was a great event. Well done @astroboysoup :raised_hands:

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Thanks Nic, lots of things we could have done to improve.

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