The correlation of the market pairs BTC/ADA, ETH/ADA versus the USD/ADA during the upswing of BTC past $8500.00 USD is interesting to watch.

Currently ADA is up against the USD but down on BTC markets but seems to be slowly correcting. I had noticed a distinct variation of the two graphs one showing the USD/ADA pair being up and the BTC/ADA pair on a hard downswing to .00000974

While you can currently get ADA again for under 0.00001000 BTC during this time is it the correct time to buy? It was down to .00000974 BTC earlier today.

When does ADA start to realize higher BTC values?

You can not compare both.

BTC besides as an investment acts as an refuge asset (like gold)

ADA is considered a highly speculative asset

BTC is a consolidated project, Cardano not yet

If Cardano becomes the reference in smart contract blockchains ADA is going to go to the moon otherwise to zero -> Risky business

We are like in the .com bubble in 2001, too many projects and only a few of them will succeed the remaining ones will disappear

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