Building a Public Roadmap: Draft

Dear all,

I am getting excited - this is a very material and constructive action coming from our community. This will be hard work, but it will be rewarding work!

I will later next week add my two cents to the various documents.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Thank you for the link, which answered one of the major questions I’ve had regarding the Stages of Cardano and how/why they are named;


Could you make a copy of the document that is editable with a link and just draw off of that? We could vote on the content once a week, month, day, whatever. It would be nice to have a specific link or site we could share/edit easily on the go as many of us are extremely busy. I don’t know if this is feasible or the best way to go about it but i trust your judgment thanks.


Yes exactly

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Awesome work guys. I’d love to see Goguen marketing go for 1yr straight- its going to take a lot of work to build that essential ecosystem. Voltaire will develop internally from a caring community.

Great stuff @rickymac @ADAfrog.
So we all have about 2 weeks before we aim to put the roadmap to a vote?
Shall we publicize a hard deadline?

Need to see how we structure such a vote -

  • How are we going to handle conflicts?
  • Should we split it up somehow and vote on sections? Alternatives?
  • How would winners be decided (majority/participation required etc.)?

What’s our plan here? How can I help? :pray::eagle:


Nathan_Kaiser, post:20, topic:39869"]
Dear all,
I am getting excited - this is a very material and constructive action coming from our community. This will be hard work, but it will be rewarding work!
I will later next week add my two cents to the various documents.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Does your response imply that you and the other board members (whomever makes decisions at the Cardano Foundation) will act on everything in this roadmap?

One of the things that we might want to add to this roadmap is:

Fixing/optimizing Cardano Foundation to match community expectations

I am relativly new to the community ( mostly a lurker) But one thing that has bothered me (dampend my enthousiasm) Is the lack of visible progress of CF, and a murkey idea of what they actually do. Add clear managment issues and you get quite a mess.

So Adressing the leadership issues, fixing them, and focusing on clearly and regularly communicating what CF does, and plans to do, could be a point in it self on this roadmap imo

Yeah ofc. I just came back from a two day hiking without phone service (long wknd in the US). I’m catching up

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Hi Community! An experienced project manager friend suggests Aha! Roadmaps for our roadmap. Check out this intro video. Neither he or I have any financial interest in selecting it. It’s just a purpose built tool that has some great features.


I’ll add that I’d be willing to get the information from the Google Sheet into it for a demo. Just need a little community thumbs up that it’s a viable option. Let me know.

Another video showing the Idea Portal that would be open to the public/community to add ideas and vote.

I would like to see Cardano foundation research and publish the most crypto (Ada) friendly law makers. They should give us the opportunity to advocate politically for leaders that will introduce good crypto policy.

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Way to take action @rickymac :slight_smile: this is so awesome!

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Few thoughts on the initiative.

To prepare a roadmap its good to understand the context of the organization.

(1) Look at the resources and capacities at hand.

Let the CF first provide a full financial transparency on fiat, crypto and other assets holdings and the CAPEX and OPEX budget plan figures.

This won’t happen btw, so only assumptions can be made. But without this everything will be a fiction and wishlist.

Parson made a massive damage on funds and its expensive to operate an organization at its current size. There might be very limited assets available.

(2) Consider the skills, competences and capacities available at CF.

Build on the people at the Foundation, what they are good at, play on their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance topics for instance are well covered and might be efficient to favor.

(3) Then investigate the limitations and restrictions at place.

There are legal proceedings from Z/Yen? Any legal or regulatory limitations in Swiss to consider?

Limitations are also all legal obligations, contractual engagements already in place.

(4) Which are the key goals?

Let the Community prioritize based on current circumstances.

Make compromises as we can’t have it all.

(5) Align the goals with the Cardano Product Roadmap, Ecosystem maturity, Community maturity and other Ecosystem Members (IOHK, Emurgo, Partners, Projects).

Avoid planning too much ahead, leave resources for future items.

Keep the roadmap dynamic, and revise on a quarterly basis with the Community.

Plan for 2020 & 2021 is more then enough.

(6) Define for each goal a roadmap and corresponding roadmap items how to get there.

Let the Community suggest the Cardano Improvement Proposals and vote on these items. There are a lot of paths to success.

Make sure each roadmap item has associated cost estimation, duration, complexity, value, dependencies, risks & mitigates, etc.

(7) Define the monitoring and reporting facilities for monitoring the Roadmap execution and holding the Foundation accountable.

Incorporate in the Foundation Charter (if possible) the accountability towards the Community. The Foundation Council acts as the BoD, but the Community represents the Shareholders.

Define and agree upon objective KPIs, measures and metrics for progress and success.

Have these KPIs & Targets incorporated within the employment contracts (higher bonus, lower salary). Build an organization that is financially incentivized around the targets agreed with the Community.

Also consider engaging an independent 3rd party auditor to prepare a public report on the Foundations performance towards the KPIs.

It will be interesting to see how much the Foundation is willing to change to support such a Public Roadmap and be accountable, transparent and incentivized to execute it. It expects the Foundation to sacrifice a good portion of control and comfort, which is very hard to do.

Btw the foundation charter is still bad:

Förderung von neuen Technologieentwicklungen und Applikationen, insbesondere Förderung von neuen offenen dezentralisierten Softwarearchitekturen. Dabei sollen dezentrale und offene neue Technologiestrukturen ermöglicht, gefördert und erhalten werden. Im Vordergrund - aber nicht ausschliesslich - steht dabei die Förderung der Entwicklung des so genannten Cardano-Protokolls und die entsprechende Technologie sowie Förderung und Unterstützung von Applikationen unter Anwendung der Technologie bzw. des Protokolls; vollständige Zweckumschreibung gemäss Statute

Btw Charles might say for a good reason he has no influence at all on the Foundation, but I have heard good rumors for the opposite. Do you Guys seriously believe he doesn’t run the Foundation? :joy: Charles would be the best man for this and he would gradually release control, which would be the way to go.

its not an enigeneering project, its a global financial system!!
Look up what the most expensive projects in the world are: google,facb, amaz, tesla, msoft…

do you think there are only devs in these companies? NO they are the best bc they have the best product and marketing people so the code gets to shine right and adopted all over the world. CF must carry the system not the devs

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I come from a small town of a small country (Greece). I am willing to help to the dissemination of the crypto concept and more specific of the cardano project. One basic obstacle I find during briefing friends is this: the usage of crypto as money not just as an asset. If I could answer them that they can buy 4xample health products (vitamins etc) by e -commerce, the spread would be enormous. So please help me…do we need smart contracts first or is it possible to proceed with agreements with various product sellers before Gougen arrives? Ty

Hey @Navro! Welcome to the forum!

I found this page listing businesses that accept Cardano. And there’s also ADAPay from COTI.IO which was released around Nov I think. Perhaps you can find which businesses use it (let us all know if you do :slight_smile: ).

Of course, it will also take quite a bit of time before crypto payments are really widespread.

First & foremost I applaud the efforts of the community led by @rickymac! However I would advise to slow down a bit & make 20SEP the date for the first full public DRAFT of the roadmap. We’ve come this far without it, there’s no need to rush & draw ridicule from outside the community.

I’m 100% behind this initiative & will lend whatever expertise I can to assist. I have an undergrad degree in Marketing & have commercial excellent experience at the Fortune 500 level, so please let me know how I can lend a hand.

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@rickymac URGENT ACTION NEEDED Hi Rick, firstly massive props for initiating this move– could not have come sooner!. I need to talk to you extremely urgently regarding the roadmap. How can we chat directly? There is a key foundation stone that needs to be implemented before anything is actioned as BuckeyeBeachbum mentions above. Like this gentleman I have over 30 years experience in my domain field and wish to add my guidance. It’s an issue that I alerted the Cardano Community to in June on the Official Facebook forum but unfortunately it was totally rebuked and ignored. This is the ideal channel to get this right and urgent action is needed before ANY marketing starts to avoid further fiascos and mistakes. Before posting the outline of what needs to be done in this discussion it’s best we talk privately so we can jointly agree on the best way to present my ‘Alarm Bell’ to the community and to ensure the same incompetent mistakes are not repeated by the foundation. It’s an issue that has not been flag marked on the initial proposal and timetable above and it needs to be flagged and implemented straight away. I can be contacted directly through twitter @CardanoWow [We’ve briefly talked before on another matter]