Building a Public Roadmap: Draft

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Hey @WowPool! Welcome to the forum!

Perhaps you should reconsider your approach to this discussion.
You are demanding attention, while being completely secretive. You feel that for some reason @rickymac is in charge, or that you could take advantage of his role by -

So right here in the forum is where you can alert the community.
You are free to post on the forum, or reply on this thread, but what you suggest is blatant and ungrounded preferentialism.


Well done @rickymac and @ADAfrog, you have drawn me back to the forum after I found things getting a bit slow (waiting for Shelley I guess), plus my life got busy. The social side of Cardano is what interests me the most, so I think the timing of this initiative is perfect.

I would echo some of the comments already made, in particular the risk of flaming out by taking on too much from the start. Having previously volunteered on community committees/boards I would suggest focusing in on 2 or 3 things until a process acceptable to the community can be implemented (a Proof of Concept) which can then be built on as more in the community see the success and want to get involved.

Working remotely is a significant challenge for volunteer groups and chat groups or forums don’t really allow efforts to be focused. I would therefore suggest most interactions are done over Zoom, with reports and updates added to forums etc. for those just following along rather than participating.

Also, to further help focus efforts I would suggest a Roadmap Committee be formed, with at least a Chair and a Secretary (as named roles), plus a few others to drive discussions. Monthly committee meetings could be run on Zoom with anyone from the community able to attend to listen in. Community submissions for discussion should be submitted in advance (so there isn’t too much “noise” from discussion tangents). Those that want to be on the committee can nominate and community members should vote to elect based on their “pitch”.

This core committee can then act as a mechanism for having sub committees created to work on specific areas and have those sub committees report back progress. As more sub committees are formed it will allow more and more of the community to get involved, as each committee should try not to exceed 6 - 8 people.

Ultimately the committees are there to lead the different roadmap initiatives, engaging members of the community wherever possible to assist. Unlike committees in other community/volunteer organisations, members wouldn’t be leaving the decision making up to the committee, as we can use technology to allow all members to vote on decisions (something usually only available to broader members at general meetings, such as an AGM or Special GM).

By doing everything out in the open on Zoom (and then published to Youtube) the community will be leading by example. I would like to see the Cardano Foundation having their board meetings in the open like this.

I think if this initiative can get off the ground there is the potential for the community structures that will be built to replace the need for the Cardano Foundation, even before DAO capabilities are realised. The Cardano Foundation was always a bit of a square peg in a round hole, as they are operating in a traditional manner that doesn’t suit the blockchain movement.

I look forward to getting involved.


The ITN should be included in the New RoadMap. DOT has Kusama and Cardano had the ITN. The ITN can be used by average people to deploy their DAPPs. It can also be of use in order to test new updates that will be deployed on the main chain. tADA should be listed on an exchange to bring real liquidity to the testnet. Some form of the ERC-20 converter must be brought to market since XDAI has done so and will likely win the Reddit competition. tADA should be one of the main focuses so that Cardano can have a workbench to test out things then rapidly deploy. Not years to deploy.

Welcome back @smurf123444, no the CF is not gone. The best way to find out about this community initiative is to visit the Telegram Channel and catch up there:

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In my opinion the biggest focus should be on building a strong Development Community. Killer DAPPs will trigger their own User Communities, which all will merge into the Cardano family. Charles promised 10k Plutus developers in 2018 Plutusfest, that should be the target for 2021. To allow for such killer DAPPs we need marketing for developers (Blockchain and functional programming), vc funding (in place), investments into creating professional Development Tools & Utilities, interoperability of Cardano with other Blockchains, educational content and integration facilities with Value Added Services.

Another stream is supporting Stakepool Operators to mature with the evolution of Shelley, provide financial aid to them when ADA is below certain value and also to incentivize them to be much more transparent about their operations (live KPIs and pool health online, etc) and have professional web presence and identity. Consider incentivizing established and reputable SME IT companies in Africa, Asia and Latin America to run stakepools.

An other important stream would be to educate, empower and incentivize local Communities where the future users for these killer DAPPs are, mainly in the counties of the unbanked 3 billion. Discover and engage the leaders, the authentic voices and influential people of these Communities and offer them a deal they can’t resist. Consider even running a Cardano MLM like franchise system (!) to onboard new users to the DAPPs.

The current Community (more in the wealthier, Western part of the world) who “invested” into ADA needs the regular content, updates and transparency on the roadmap execution so they further speculate and envision that Cardano will be a game changer, that incentivize them to stick to their ADA holdings keeping the cryptocurrency strong a healthy Ecosystem needs. I would expect an AMA from Nathan or the CF Council at least on a monthly basis, but as said Charles oversees this so maybe its not needed. Additionally as this Community is the major holder of ADA, it’s essential to educate them on the roadmap and responsibilities that come with Voltaire. It would be great to get a proper upgrade of Yoroi and Deadelus to efficiency support the communication, collaboration infrastructure that will be needed for the governance of Cardano. It has to be done in a way its fun, joy, social and sexy. Not boring corporate design.

Finally I believe a country like Rwanda might be bootstrapped for adoption with a few of the killer DAPPs (p2p marketplace, p2p loans, crowdsourcing, dating, gambling) and having Charles donating 2-300m ADA of his holding to a selected ~100k people (1% of population) in the country, who meet certain criteria, commit to certain obligations and limitations and have the right infrastructure. Once Rwanda gets adoption it will spread to the neighbouring countries.

If there is any money left, spend it on creative guerilla marketing from the Community (such as street art).

These things here are not new, and have mostly been said 2 years back. Why they did not materialize back then and will they now? I think without the killer DAPPs its not possible to make significant progress, so the time really comes with Gougen. CF had to wait for IOHK to deliver and they should not be criticized because or this wait and delay.


You have enough people trying to tell you what to do.
Cardano does need marketing…
Cardano needs an upset… Rick is the perfect choice… thats why he’s the wrong choice
Cardano is now experiencing gatekeeping… so now we aren’t even part of it regardless. Digital fortress was the first to suggest that we shouldn’t just “Let people In”… so… who should we let in?

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Would you care to elaborate on that statement? @rickymac has been nothing but inclusive in this process, stating from day 1 that everyone could participate equally, if they had some value to add.

He might have been the one starting this whole thing, but a huge part of the community already contributed to this, and so could you!

I can’t speak for him, but I’m pretty sure that if he made such comment, it was directed towards internet trolls who might wanted to delete or screw up the process/work.


Oh cool will do! Cardano ftw!

Breaking tasks down into sub-areas makes sense. But also means people wanting to start their own further sub-projects or sub-committees, should at least get a response from those in that higher sub-committee.

If we want smart contracts to be a success in industry, manufacturing, (as well as other sectors like finance or legal) then integrating them into the equipment / infrastructure will be essential.

Some of these PLCs can be pretty “functional prog”, which feeds nicely into Haskell strategy; but there needs to be templates provided etc.

A couple of weeks ago, I posted … “I am posting in General, so “Smart Contract for Industry” can be moved to a better sub-branch for development and governance in this specific area. (SCADA-PLC) Smart-Contract ADA Paid Leased Capex (Automation for Industrial Process Manufacturing)
((SCADA-PLC) Smart-Contract ADA Paid Leased Capex (Automation for Industrial Process Manufacturing))”

I had one reply, but not from anyone “official” or active in any sub-committee.

Community engagement is key. Especially as many may soon be in some second lockdown, eager to learn new skills, maybe the promised Plutus programmers? “Swords to Ploughshares” (both cutting edge’)

I also have an idea for a recoverable (multably resettable) long, long term hardware wallet…
So within category of other wallets, a sub-committee on practically indestructable wallets (why lose a $gazillion’s worth of ADA in 2125?) in case I accidentally get cryogenically frozen on some moonbase.

I expect B’uck Rogers or Hands Solo (lol) wanted to get pished and impress some floozy not long after thawing out… still works after cold shrinkage…

Most of these devices have a battery, which any idiot knows, will leak in 6 months to a year;
destroying any circuit with acid. So external power, expendible IO, so screen or keyboard die, just use external hardware. I should be able to migrate a wallet, and even kill the injured one after.
Having a wallet, I will lose it, so should be able to daisy-chain clone-breed more wallets; maybe use their screens and buttons; take wallets and scatter them where I will be, so I don;t have to carry about.
Orientated moire, filtered UV EPROM potting compound, vibration sensors (its a drill - burn the wallet) a little thermite should deter the un-sandwich makers, fake antenna noise, dodgy looking fake chips or divisor crystals. Same words different wallets, it’s still me, give me the fricking money… what happens on moonbase-alpha stays on…

Many pet projects will die along the way, linger for a while, maybe reborn by others out of the archives. These are only Major Sub-Committees in this “plan”; its a Work In Progress. Each Sub-Committee should have its own “plans”, that integrate into a “Masterplan”. No battle-plan lasts more than 5 minutes, whereas some factories take more than 5 years to never be built! (Swedish Committee of 25 expands to 125 with every extra wish-list option multiplied exponentially)

Building the roadmap, timelines for others are some way off

(Putting things into perspective)

Here are a few things that could be done to propel Cardano into the DeFi space.

Saturday will be the three month anniversary of the Roadmap. What have we accomplished? In regards to the partnerships page of the map, what’s the game plan?