Building node 1.31.0 in docker (Arm64)

I’m trying to update my testnet relay towards version 1.31.0 but I’m hitting the below error:

This is a docker image that I’m trying to build.

Here’s the dockerfile:

Any hint should help. Thanks.

P.S.: It’s an RPI4B

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Here the corresponding github issue …

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Hi! Why you just don’t use official docker image? (Probably because it do not runs on raspberry pie)

Additionally, you should use as less command RUN as possible.

I would recommend to check how others build cardano-node on raspberry pie. And this is more question to them, then rather anything to do with docker.

Thanks @tomdx
I’ll follow this on github and see if something unveils. Hope its not the end of the road for my RPI.

Hi @os11k
This build is basically a copy from a functional RPI pool from the mainnet, just made a fewer minor changes. I’ll take in consideration your hint about the RUN command though. Thanks.