Buying cardano

I see a lot of people having issues with exchanges holding their coins. I have looked up and there are a good amount of places to buy ada.

How I buy ada is getting ethereum on coinbase and then using COINSWITCH. it works buy me sending ethereum to coinswitch and then it sends the coin to the wallet address you put in so it never stays on an exchange and it is all done in one fell swoop.

Edit. of course buy a little first to make sure it gets sent to your wallet and not a fake coinswitch site ( do this for all new wallets and exchanges you use!) once its confirmed in your wallet bookmark the site!

use crypto converter to make sure you are sending the right amount (it tells you how much one crypto or fiat is to one another and has always helped me make sure im sending the right amount that I want especially using multiple decimals)

I am buying on Kraken. Fist I make deposit in fiat (EUR), which takes cca 1 day. After that, I can pretty much buy ADA instantly and transfer it to my personal wallet. Fees are quite low compared to buying with debit card.

Compare first when exchanging Ada, because there can be huge price differences between exchanges. And normally you have to pay a fee or percentage for every transaction/exchange.
Here is a comparison

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that is true. coinswitch has their own comparison to exchanges (though I have not confirmed with those exchanges. you do put in how much ethereum or bitcoin you want to send and it will tell you exactly how much ada that will be sent to your wallet.