Bye bye CHARY SP

Here is a good reward distribution proposal I found:


I know and I was thinking to commit also for the next years with a cloud provider, but does that help decentralization? If all people will be on GCP/AWS/DigitalOcean ?
Plus my decision lies also in the marketing factor, that currently I really don’t have time for that. The technical is not a challenge at all, thanks to the community. And congrats for your first block!

there are some services way cheaper, AWS google cloud or azure are more like for the big pools like DNews the influencer does. unfortunately they use this as advertising, we know that a pool host doesn’t make any difference if its up, running and working. regardless the brand of the cloud, a pool is the same anyway but delegators doesn’t know about that…

You can use another provider, I haven’t used any other. I’m looking to set up another relay on Contabo or another cheaper provider if I can find. You can do a home node, which may or may not be a good choice depending on your internet connection stability:

Sorry to hear that.
I know that feeling, in last months I’ve spent hundreds of hours trying to promote my pool, got absolutely addicted to social media. Did content on twitter, youtube, facebook, reddit. Paid adds on facebook, google.
I have 30 delegators & they keep asking for rewards and leaving.

I had absolutely no idea what’s in front of me while I was opening the pool.

Every day I’m helping people with staking, answering questions about Cardano, but it has a very little effect on my stake.
Some delegates were a bit upset and that’s absolutely exhausting for me, because every day I’m putting a lot of effort to my stake pool.

I don’t give up, but sometimes I feel so down from that. Cardano does not change the game, money makes money, that’s not an exception. With 2 dollars ADA it’s hard to make your pledge higher.

Pool splitters will continue what they are doing and small SPO’s even hard working will be closing their pools.


Have a look at the latest IOG delegation

Established pools with millions, another pool got it again after receiving the January delegation.
Very few small pools that really worth it!

The message is clear! If you are a small pool you don’t stand a chance! We don’t want you.
Very disappointing!


yeah, I was trying to understand their criteria, I’m happy for some of my friends like WISH and LEMON, they are small pools but on that list I could find very stablished and wealthy pools in terms of staking size. most of them doesn’t need any assistance at all… its strange, I don’t understand exactly the criteria but I’ll try wait until next delegation round, next 3 months and check my chances again.

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I see at least 3 pools that received both CF & IOG delegation.

Don’t understand if you were already boosted 15 millions for 3 months by CF, why would you need another 3,2 millions?

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they clear made a mistake

I think you have to fulfill some criteria for getting the delegation and one of them was to have a pool with at least 25k pledge if I remember correctly. Just go and see previous blog post or in forum is somewhere mentioned.

I am against charity pools. Charity doesn’t work. It is a means for the rich to massage it’s gilt but continue to screw the poor. I have seen many a country ruined by charity.

In a decentralized system the goal should be for each individual to be able to run once own staking pool.

The argument that SPO is just like any other business and one must work hard to succeed is the same argument used by the present economic system, where some are born privileged and destined to stay ahead and others are not.

If we let the pre-existing advantages such as geography and money in the bank decides the outcome of the SPO competition then Cardano will quickly evolve in to a centralized platform and enabler of centralization no better than banks increasing the gap between the poor and the rich, which already is happening.

Moreover increasing difficulty for the disadvantaged doesn’t help network security which should be the only consideration in designing a distributed system.

In this regard Alogorand may have better design than Cardano.


In the spirit of the money-maker pools here in forum, I wonder if big exchanges like binance & co would offer good and fair staking rewards to all ADA holders who will transfer ADA to other pools.This will happen some day and than they will cry here with the losers how unfair the rewarding system is.
The worst thing is that due to the greedy, decentralization suffers.

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By the way I close all my Servers too. I thought that with 22k ADA it is fair enough to participate and ensure decentralization and to have a motivation for the effort and costs but unfortunately I was wrong.


Sorry to hear this :frowning: it’s not ok what is happening with small pools, soon I will be in this situation also (I will loss the IoHK delegation); but I will be fine, I think I will survive; If u are looking for a pool to delegate my pool will stay there, waiting for u

Cheers and goodluck


So many nice mission driven pools are forced to quit. It is truly sad! :cry:
Good luck @Bees_Project


Indeed, also I know that leaving the nodes up it will help the decentralization, even I will not mint blocks

So just going through the delegation list, starting with the first pool 307, what do you see?

Hi Alex, I just jump to your pool

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Thank you, I really appreciate and I wish something to be change in the future, maybe u will start again the pool :wink:

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He cant. One of the conditions is that you have minted a block.