Small Pool Operator [CHRTY] impressions after 3 month

Hello cardanians, I want to share with you my first impressions about operating a Small Pool.
First of all many thanks to delegators who decided to support us!
CHRTY is a small pool from Romania which decided to support decentralization and child education.

So, let’s begin… it’s true! before 2017 I didn’t know much things about crypto market; I started to make research and discovered thousands of projects on the market… I said :“I need to make research to find the best project which will succeed in the next years”… after many days of research somehow Cardano catch me in… and never let me go :))) since than I watched all video and tweets about update and the future of Cardano. It seems I took the best decision!

Years passed, warts and all, and here we are in July 2020. The best year for Cardano in my opinion since the project started (2021 will be amazing); the most awaited Shelley was finally lunched!
I understood that to succeed people was invited to create pools, to became a pool operator. Great, I said! Now it’s that time when I actually can do something to support my souls project… let’s do it! how can be worse beside doing nothing :slight_smile:
After many hours spent to read many tutorials about how to create a stake pool, how to configuring, how is the best to do it… CHRTY was live.
I started with 1 BP and 2 Relays and medium configuration needed (6CPU cores, 8G RAM, etc);
The days passed fast and nothing happened until epoch 220 when I waked up and found that we created 1st block… wow that was amazing, I was so enthusiast (like a child on Christmas day :)) ).

I forget to mention that at the begining I haven’t the intention to make CHRTY pool public, I just wanted to keep it anonymous (based on my calculation 1 block per month will be more than sufficient). I upgraded the nodes, added a new Relay and ready to create blocks… but (yes there is always a but :slight_smile: ) I said what if? What I will try to promo and make CHRTY a great pool like many others? What can go wrong I said, have a great topology, great hardware, great performance, all I need now are delegators.

the hard part is just beginning …
hei, why delegators will not choose CHRTY, has a great potential like any others pools, I was telling myself then …I have a great project investing in child education, the rewards of delegators will not be affected, what can go wrong?
well, I’m in that position where I’m spending money from my pocket to keep servers online, in other words to support Cardano, the decentralization!
even now when the saturation point will drop to 63.6 million ADA on December 6th no new delegators :frowning:

I thought will be easy but after almost 3 month I can affirm that this is indeed the hard part;
This should be the easy way because delegators should support small pools which are supporting decentralization - this is the way that this project should works, the only way that can succeed!

Now after few research I discovered that BIG pools which will be satturated are creating another pools instead to try to help small pools! I don’t condemn anyone, everyone has right to decide!

There are a lot things to be discussed, it is a “hot” subject!

I still hope that other delegators will discover CHRTY pool and they will decide to support it!
Together we can succeed!

This was written for people who are thinking to running a new pool (without delegators your pool will cost you money)!

If you read this, I want you to thank for your time!

ps: Sorry for bad english, I hope was not so bad :slight_smile:


I think it’s great what you are doing. I have been with large pool and I now see that they are expanding to move their delegates to their version 2 pools. I have been doing well with them. 5.8% average. But I decided to move one of my wallets to a new pool that is not a big operation. I know that it may be a rough go in the beginning and I may not make as much but I think I’m the long run it benefits everyone. I think as soon as We are able to easily break up our wallet sizes and delegate into smaller sizes and we can allocate to multiple SPO’s


Thx for supporting decentralization by delegating to a small pool!

In 2 hours we will make another block; our delegator will be verry happy :grinning:

just on time!
WhatsApp Image 2020-11-25 at 02.40.46

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@Alexd1985, wish you more stake and good luck! Fantastic to see that you support a charity goal! (The little pool i delegate does also).
Yesterday Tim Harrison from IOG wrote a blog in which he described the new IOG delegating strategy, and i think it will support your pool so far as i understand.

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Hello Alex,

At the end of next epoch, I’ll stake my coins there bud. That’s the least I can do for us :slight_smile:

Thank u very much! I will appreciate ur support!

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Alex, I’ve just done it now.

Thank you so much! i really appreciate ur support!

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I’m trying to gain some yield on my staked ADA, but I’d be happy to at least move a few thousand ADA to your pool if you think that would help. I’m pretty new to this community, but I appreciate already your commitment to helping the community through forums and setting up a pool.

As a side note, a marketing effort to promote small stake pools with charitable dimensions like yours might be a good catalyst proposal.

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I will appreciate any amount of ada delegated to my pool; if u will like to support me u are more than welcome! Any amount will help my pool to grow ;


Okay, I just staked some with your pool.

I saw! Fantastic news, thank YOU so much!

No problem! And just a word of advice - you might be well served by outlining on your website specific charitable donations you’ll commit to once you reach a certain levels of delegation and blocks verified. When it comes to buying into a good cause, most people want specifics followed by proof of efforts and outcomes to stay invested.

Also, I’m wondering if we could propose a project for a future round of Catalyst: an interview-style show to post on social media called something like “Small Pool Spotlight,” where founders of small staking pools can be interviewed to talk about their involvement in the community, their capabilities, what brought them to choose the Cardano ecosystem, and what they intend to do with their profits if their pool becomes successful. Relative to other cryptos, I think there are a lot of socially minded investors in the Cardano ecosystem, and apart from that, people just want to invest in people they know - not just a faceless pool acronym. For example, I moved the bulk of my ADA to a pool because its founder runs a Youtube channel and I like the information he provides. I think most of the 1,000+ pool operators have the computing power to successfully verify enough blocks, so everything is marketing, and don’t be afraid to proselytize your business and your purpose - this is the free market.



there is the proof of my donation… press

About marketing on youtube… I am working on that but it is difficult when english is not my first option


Alex, you come with a text in RO mate and I’m more than happy to help you.

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Did shout out on my Twitter. Really like your goals but from marketing point of view name wasn’t the best :slight_smile:
Holders look to make the most profits in the end.

Tarot is sometimes called Book of Toth, and claimed to have originated in Egypt. The safest way to preserve their ancient wisdom have been to encode it as a game and to trust that someday an adept would be able to decipher it.
“If you intend that a thing shall last forever, do not commit it into the hands of Virtue but into those of Vice” :grinning:

You should make some Cardano Romania group spreading information and getting support, just an idea :grinning::wink:


Thank you for sugestions;
Delegators should understand that on long term they will receive the same %of rewards… even they will stack with big pools or small pools; look at top 100-200 pools, even they created hundreds of blocks they offer a longlife ROS around -5%… u can see same ROS to small pools which created few blocks.


Well presented!

But after 6 quiet months, here comes the sun!
I received 3.2M from IOHK (THANK YOU) delegation program and starting with epoch 247 my servers will create blocks for the next 3 months!

:sunglasses:Leader - 6
:heart:Ideal - 2.73
:four_leaf_clover:Luck - 219.78%

I am so happy because more donations will come, still long way until my project will be completed!

Thank you guys for all kindly words and for supporting me all this time!