Hello Cardanians,

My name is Alexandru 35 years old, from Bucharest Romania and I’m the operator of CHARITY POOL. I became part of this community since 2017 when I chose Cardano as my soul project after many hours spent doing research about dozen of projects…; Since then I watched to all videos and posts about Cardano; Finally when Shelley was released I decided to make an effort and give some help to secure the network and also to help making Cardano more decentralized. We are a small team with big ambitions; we are not looking for profit, we want to HELP and our attention in this time is focus to change the future for the youngest generation because they are representing our FUTURE!; As you already know due to COVID the school has been moved in online space… but if you will do a research you will find that there are many kids which don’t have the resources for teaching online and from this there is only a small step to school dropout . That’s why we want to provide for as many we can all necessary resources like laptops/pads/phones and to succeed we need support from the community.

[Email] (

Ticker : CHRTY
Pool ID: 00333b89543da962cc92e7ffa45848f42a98f7276780670728ce5256

Pledge : 25000 ADA Fixed fee : 450 ADA (minimal, mandatory fee) Variable fee (%) : 1%

BP is located in Germany and Relays are located in SUA and Germany;

Pool infrastructure:
BP and relays HW details:

  • CPU: Six cores
  • RAM: 16 GB (guaranteed)
  • HDD: 400 GB SSD
  • Port/bandwidth: 400 Mbit/s
  • located in Germany, SUA and Romania

The pool is monitored 24/7, my experience as a network engineer for more than 13 years helped me to optimized the nodes to provide best performance.

This is the story about CHRTY pool, if you want to be part of our project please support us!
Thank you for trust and don’t forget: Earn rewards by helping others!


Hi Alexandru,

Just wanted to mention that I am getting a Firefox security warning when I visit your website! Seems like an issue with the certificate

Screenshot from 2020-11-04 15-36-07|1000x555

Hello Brentsk,

Thank you that you let me know… it was an issue with SSL certificate, can you check again?

Now should be fine.

All the best,


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All fine now! Thanks

Hi Alexandru,

You guys definitely have your heart in the right place and deserve a lot more delegators.

You haven’t produced a block this epoch and yet you donated ADA to your delegators, out of your own pockets.

This is an act of kindness I rarely see and which is much appreciated.

You guys rock!



you’re wellcome! maybe next epoch we will have more luck.


expected blocks with d == 0.42: 0.12
assigned blocks with d == 0.42: 1 max performance: 832.41%

[ { index: 1, slot: 271396, date: ‘2020-11-25 02:08:07’ } ]

congrats! meaning big rewards!

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[CHRTY] - supports children’s education by donating pool fee to United Way Romania - more details: Cardano Charity Stake Pool

:green_heart: 800€ donated to United Way Romania
:green_heart: 100 ₳ donated to the youngest delegator (11 years old)
:green_heart: 100€ donated for 2 children which are suffering from spinal amyotrophy

If you have any question please contact us on:
telegram: Telegram: Contact @charitypool


A total of 3300€ were donated till now to United Way Romania … thank you for support