Hello from Romania! We are CHARM ada stake pool

Hello Cardano community,

My name is Valentin, I am living in Romania - EU and I represent CHARM ada stake pool.
Maybe you know me from Twitter as “Master Kenobi” or even “the Ryzen guy” :slight_smile:

I have been involved in crypto since 2017 but Cardano for me was love at first sight soon after Charles whiteboard. I was attracted by Charles’ philosophy and way of thinking and I always trusted his vision.

Even though I don’t have the title of ambassador, I consider myself one because I really like talking to family and friends about Cardano and crypto in general.

Since the beginning of Cardano decentralization, I was part of ITN, STN and now Sheley main net.
I believe a lot in the principles and advantages of decentralization and that is why I consider that running a stake pool on my own server is the most appropriate way. So I built one from scratch and step by step, with the help from the community I learned to configure it and make it work smoothly.

Although the start on main net was overshadowed by the “Ryzen incident” in which we were involved, we are glad that we helped to detect such an unlikely event, which later detected could have caused significant financial damage to those who encountered this extremely rare circumstances.

In everyday life I am a freelancer 2D / 3D creator, photographer, videographer and professional drone pilot with over 7 years experience. In my free time I like to read and learn new things about physics, cosmology and Einstein’s relativity, quantum mechanics and philosophy. I have a passion for everything I do and I never get tired to learn and doing the things I am passionate about.

I want to do something for the Cardano community so I’ll keep talking about the cardano every day where and when I get the chance. But I can do even more. So I will dedicate a good part of my time to creating 2D and 3D media content related to Cardano and crypto in general. Take a look at our website and our Youtube channel to see what it’s all about

If you think that what we are doing is adding value to the community, please consider to stake with us a small amount of your ADA to help us spread the words about Cardano through the language of the visual arts

Name / Ticker : CHARM
Pool ID: 88afe2e00c8923ac22d31750eca02723edc167ea93eba96f812faf79

Our website charmada.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CHARM_ADA_Pool
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjeG3WpzHOzW8EKNiIWe9tw/videos


Wishing you all the best Valentin
Keep up the good work and time will win out for you :+1:

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Nice introduction! Wishing you and your pool the best of luck from California!

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The community inspires me.


Cum merge?

Totul ok!

La tine?