Byron era!

dear cardano lovers,
now whe have made it to shelly era is it a safe thing that everthing what has to do with byron whe can delete of our machine??? i still have the old wallet on it(12words) 0 balance,on the new one (2.1.0#14079) still also byron old 0 balance by delete i can make some clean space on my computer🤔.
thank u
happy ada holding💪

Don’t do it yet IMO, you could lose transaction data, also there may be other reasons. I expect we’ll get official guidance on this fairly soon.

aha robjf i get it so there is stil some connection between those 2 wallets thanks rob pffff lucky me i didnt remove the old byron wallet.
ps:the old 12word dont works anymore its say node crashed all the time?
you are a great guy rob thank ones again for being here to help us out with anything cardano related​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:.
cheers have a good day

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