Are Byron Wallets valid and restorable forever?


I have 2 old Byron-Wallets (Daedalus & Yoroi), Daedalus and Yoroi are uninstalled (recovery phrase saved, of course). Will it be possible to restore & convert/import/transfer the wallets at anytimy in the future or is there a ‘deadline’ to do that? I don’t want to stake (because of tax), so there is no reason to hurry up for me.
Is there an official statement from Cardano/IOHK that old wallets will be restorable forever?

Thank you and regards

For the moment there is no announcement regarding the byron wallets… I believe they will not stop/delete byron era from the blockchain

PS: u can migrate to shelley era without delegating (u will not be forced to delegate)


Thank you for your reply.

Yes, I think also, they will not delete Byron from the Blockchain.
The only problem I see is, if the wallets (Yoroi) will stop to have the option for restoring and claim/transfer from old wallets. I did not make any tests with Adalite & Typhon to restore old byron wallets.

I know, that I can use Shelly-Wallets without staking.
The reason, why I dont like to migrate is, because I decrypted and saved the recovery-phrases on different locations and I dont like to do it all again…


ok, then stay on byron … should be ok

hmmm why stay on byron :thinking: if it dont expand with new functions…nft,dapps,staking and more stuff in the pipeline for years ahead.guys you think many people didnt switch to shelly??tell me how many % of the wallets didnt?? :thinking:
:heart: cardano :heart: