Restoring a Byron wallet recommended method

I have been reading different threads and want to clarify the right way to move from an old Byron wallet to the current system. I (like many) originally started out in late 2017 and had a Daedalus wallet set up on my main computer. A year or so later that computer crashed and I needed to do a fresh install, so Daedalus was completely wiped off the computer. I have my 12 phrases, and fortunately I also have the original wallet spending password (though I didn’t realize it was so important at the time, password managers are worth it sometimes)…

So what is the recommended way to go about this? Should I wait for some ‘import’ feature that is being mentioned in other threads as ‘coming soon’?
I would much prefer a light wallet also, can I restore the wallet directly in Yoroi?

Thanks for any advice.