Is it possible to restore yoroi wallet with cardano-wallet

Cardano-wallet is the backend of Daedalus wallet. I tried to restore my Yoroi wallet with 15 word recovery-phrase - but showing 0 balance.
Is it possible to restore Yoroi with Cardano-wallet?

Depends which era of wallet youโ€™re restoring, default API would lead up restoring Shelley wallet - which wouldnt have Byron funds

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and do you know how to start the wallet on Byron?

./cardano-wallet serve --node-socket storage_mainnet/node.socket --mainnet

and node:

cardano-node run --topology config_mainnet/mainnet-topology.json --database-path storage_mainnet/ --socket-path storage_mainnet/node.socket --host-addr --port 8299 --config config_mainnet/mainnet-config.json

to start the node both Byron and Shelley genesis needed