Byron era wallet restored - zero balance

Hi all, I have ADA stored in an old byron era legacy wallet on Daedalus that has remained dormant since I deposited it in mid-2018

I’ve restored on the newest version of Daedalus, ADAlite, and Yoroi but it continue to shows zero balance and zero transaction history. I know my key is correct as I was able to properly restore wallet and funds prior to Shelley being instituted.

I unfortunately no longer have access to the PC where my original form of Daedalus so I cannot restore via secret key route as IOHK team recommended.

Any help that an be provided will be much appreciated and duly rewarded if my funds are able to be recovered, thanks!

Are you restoring “Byron era wallet”?

Once restored, are there any transactions listed?

Hey Erik, yes restoring Byron era wallet

No transaction history is showing after restore

If there are in fact zero transactions, then you are restoring a wallet that is empty and has never had a balance. Your balance is not in the wallet itself, but on the blockchain. Your seed phrase simply gives you access to funds stored on the chain.

That means that if you did had a Byron wallet with a non-zero balance then this is not it. There must be another one with a different seed phrase.


not the case unfortunately. have only ever held this single wallet, restored it successfully previously, and have encountered other daedalus byron legacy wallet owners experiencing the same issue

no known fix as of yet outside of recovery via secret key