Byron-spec-ledger- failed to build

Building my first node on AWS AMI

GHC 8.10.4
Cabal 34.0.0

After cabal build all, the process goes for a while but gets to

Starting ouroboros-network- (lib)
Building ouroboros-network- (lib)
Installing ouroboros-network- (lib)
Completed ouroboros-network- (lib)
Starting byron-spec-ledger- (lib)
Building byron-spec-ledger- (lib)
Starting shelley-spec-ledger- (lib)
Building shelley-spec-ledger- (lib)
Installing shelley-spec-ledger- (lib)
Completed shelley-spec-ledger- (lib)
cabal: Failed to build byron-spec-ledger- (which is required by
test:cardano-api-test from cardano-api-1.29.0 and test:cardano-cli-test from
cardano-cli-1.29.0). The build process terminated with exit code -6
Failed to build cardano-crypto-tests-2.0.0 (which is required by
test:cardano-api-test from cardano-api-1.29.0). The build process terminated
with exit code -6

Did this 3 times now. Not sure what the issue is.

Thank you in advance!

UPDATE: issue solved with a larger AWS server and 8 gb of ram.

What version are you trying to build? The master branch does occassionally break. You should probably be building a tag release instead. I think the latest tagged release is 1.30.1 .

Hi @erikd, isn’t the latest stable that should be run on mainnet the 1.29.0 ? Asking as that version is still marked as the latest on github.

@Topher3001 compare to Coincashew tutorial if you have all the dependencies installed.
What operating system are you running and which architecture?

@erikd @mcrio

Figured out the issue. I used a t2.medium AWS server which had 4 gb of ram. I terminated that instance and ran a t2.large AWS server with 8 gb of ram. Node compiled without issue.

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@Topher3001 Glad you resolved it. Please keep in mind there is a high chance that you’ll need > 8GB RAM for mainnet since 1.29.0. People usually run 16GB.