Cabal build Cardano node error

Hi, after trigering this command I recived error. Is any idea how to fix it guys.

cabal build cardano-cli cardano-node

Warning: Requested index-state 2021-03-15T00:00:00Z is newer than’! Falling back to older state (2021-03-14T23:47:09Z).

Resolving dependencies…

cabal: Could not resolve dependencies:

[__0] trying: Win32-network- (user goal)

[__1] trying: base- (dependency of Win32-network)

[__2] next goal: byron-spec-chain (user goal)

[__2] rejecting: byron-spec-chain- (conflict:

base==, byron-spec-chain => base>=4.11 && <4.15)

[__2] fail (backjumping, conflict set: base, byron-spec-chain)

After searching the rest of the dependency tree exhaustively, these were the

goals I’ve had most trouble fulfilling: base, Win32-network, byron-spec-chain

similar issue here:

I solved the problem.

how did you solve the problem? mine hasn’t been resolved

you have to install ghc 8.10.4 do not upgrade to version 9.1.0


This is also happening to me. Ive got GHC version 8.10.7 (as stated in coin cashew as a requirement)


mildred auma mukoya