Calling Cardano Developers: Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake?

Hey Cardano gang! Would like to say a hearty hello, and much respect for the work you all put into the project. A Project that really focuses on the fundamentals and not on the moonboys out there is what we need more! Anyways…

I came across an interesting debate going lately on the overall general consensus issues and felt the Devs here would be some of the best to shed some light on. Or even drop a question in!

Kyle Samani from Multicoin and Will Martino from Kadena are hosting an AMA - Town Hall style on the next wednesday (20th) over at Discord - inviting specifically blockchain devs and high level players in the space to drop questions on the issue of:

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake. Pivoting around New Findings, Perspectives & Tradeoffs

Having higher level discussion from peeps such as yourselves would be of utter value!


Would anyone be interesting in taking part ?

There’s no such debate in Cardano man. Barking at the wrong tree here…