Came across this 1.8 billion ADA boi


At some point, this wallet has 2.8 billion and slowly derived down to 1.8:


Don’t you think it’s tempting fate to announce how much you have?


I don’t think it’s @bearbearbowl’s wallet. Just a transaction they found in the blockchain explorer. Pretty interesting really. I wonder who had the 2.8 billion Ada. Was it Putin? Trump? Coinbase? haha


the site is a scam, already reported. beware!


How can it be scam if the site ran off’s domain?


ouch :cardano:
I didn’t know about this subdomain using the hyphened “cardano-explorer”.
The official explorers address is
They are obviously pointing to the same webspace/server.

But it’s not useful to help people distinguish this two official versions from the hyphened scam site www[don’t_follow]


I think it’s an exchange wallet, not a person.


Today, this wallet after information about buying BTC by Peter Thiel sold all of Ada and bought back on dip. Some bigger smartie