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The foundation did a good job with the forum. Good work!


Hey @io_jeremy!

Thanks, great to have you here! :slight_smile:

Hi Jeremy

Over the past couple of months I’ve purchased ADA and had no issue with what was on my balance. …a couple of days ago i couldn’t connect to my wallet so decided to uninstall and reinstall. Upon reinstalling, the previous two transactions I made don’t show on the balance ,but show on the summary…
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I have a feeling this is related to an already know issue. If so, the fix is done and will be out next release. But best to go to the faq and submit logs.


What’s the issue with it ?

There was a forced limit on one of the Blockchain query API, which means you only would get some info but not all. I’m only guessing that is your issue.

Thanks Jeremy

You’ve checked the explorer though right?

Please forgive my ignorance as i’m very new to all this …learning to run before I can crawl .
No i haven’t. …how do I do that …don’t know where to look haha!

The pic I’ve sent shows what I mean enter the address or txid

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