📸 Camera Functionality for Daedalus / Yoroi / Icarus

Is it possible or beneficial to have a camera integrated for qr scanning capability in Daedalus? Possibly some prohibitive reason? At this point, using a 3rd party qr scanner to send to the wallet seems (to me) like a standard wallet function for such a comprehensive platform

They’re busy working on higher priorities, I’d guess that will happen at some stage.

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I didnt notice if this is in the works. I imagine qr codes are here to stay. Since Cardano has a wallet program, but I am required to use a 3rd party for qr, isnt that just asking for it but not having all tools in one stop. NEOs wallet has this and I have always felt it to be so simple, but essential…to me.

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I’m with you working on something on the Icarus side.

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You should check out this project:

Private Key Vault Video


And this one:


Here are some pictures of the latest version of the Private Key Vault. My brother built the case entirely with his laser cutter. It’s a transformer. 1st pic is storage mode, second is laptop mode, 3rd and 4th are getting QR codes in and out of it with a cell phone. It’s a Pi 2 so no wireless capability for maximum air gappedness. We have different ways to seal the case to prevent tampering and maid in the middle attacks. SD card has full disc encryption except of the boot sector. Currently works with a modified offline version of My Ether Wallet. We can also do encrypted messaging with it.


Well done. I love that you and your brother worked on it together and it came out fantastic as well.

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Thanks I’ve really enjoyed it as well but to be clear he does most of the work!

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I am hopeful that the new Android and iOS based Icarus derivatives by Emurgo will include this essential feature.