Can an address automatically send receiving crypto to predetermined addresses upon retrieval?

Half awake I had an interesting idea. What if there is a way for an address to automatically distribute incoming crypto to other predetermined addresses?

Theoretically speaking let’s say I have a business called Hoppy. At Hoppy we accept fiat currency (USD), and ADA. Each of my employees, Hoppy, and I all have ADA addresses.

Now, what I want is for whenever someone decides to buy goods with ADA, they send it to a particular address. However, instead of this address receiving and keeping the crypto in the wallet, it automatically distributes the incoming crypto between the employees, Hoppy, and myself.

Is this possible on Cardano? Is this possible at all? If this is possible, how is it done?


Everything is possible :crazy_face:, can be done manually or automatically via scripts (most of them can be found on github)


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