Can Cardano Replace Bitcoin and Ethereum?

just a little Write up on Fox, Cardano might not get crypto news outlets to fairly cover it, but the mainstream is taking a look at it.


Cardano is an ambitious project. It can take its team years to fully implement it. By then, there will be new problems to be solved, and demands for new features to be added. (it sounds familiar?) Cardano may become a better Ethereum, but unlikely, it will replace it. It won’t replace Bitcoin either because people who have invested in Bitcoins will never reach a consensus to let that happen. It’s called money-power-greed consensus.

@arbitary the good thing is as the new problems present themselves the cardano team will continue to foster a peer reviewed approach to solving them, and in my mind this creates a trust of a sort throughout time as the project does get implemented and continues to move forward through academics, very soon I think we will see some competition come up that also chooses to take the peer review approach, and this too will be good for cardano and for decentralized wealth as the world moves deeper into a digital era.

Ethereum and Bitcoin will remain I agree, but what standing will they have if they just keep operating as a small (albeit rich) society? what can a small portion of the world population offer the world if they are not listening to the rest of us?? A very expensive coin? Ok when I have the cash for it I might pick one up if it truly adds wealth to my portfolio, but what I am really looking for is currency with a community that has a foundation built with decentralized democracy in mind and follows through from the start, and cardano is closest to the bullseye if you ask me.


It will take years to supplant the pioneers (10+ years IMHO), but I think eventually it will outshine all the other cryptos primarily because of its rigorous, provable, no nonsense approach to cryptocurrency.

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Idk about Cardano, but if Bitcoin doesn’t fix their $10 24hour transfers, that ship is going to sink. I guarantee it.


I expect btc to suffer a blood bath once several other crypto’s trade direct to USD/EUR and the like across multiple global exchanges, and Ethereum must absolutely be wary as it reaches out for Pos and outing its miners, I do not look at it as a Marketcap replacement, I am looking at it as a new user replacement.

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For the blockchain technology to benefit everyone rather than just a small portion of the world population, it has to become more than just a platform ; it needs to be part of the Internet infrastructure and its protocol like TCP and HTTPS. Blockchain is still at its early stage, Cardano is a promising project, but there are other projects that are equally promising and they contribute to the whole blockchain ecosystem in their own unique way.

They do have their own contributions these other blockchains you speak of, but as the tech moves beyond those that wish to live in the shadows let us look at it from a very strongly held personal moral viewpoint.
Bitcoin was born in the shadow’s and adopted by people and promoted with the intent to disrupt government’s control of money, if I ever look into the shadow’s of how it came onto the world stage I will forever see criminal stain and anarchy ingrained in its foundation, there is no way around it I have done my research and participated in the semi early day’s of it’s infancy and withdrew from the scene mid 14’ when I began to worry that it was going to cost me my freedom, now let’s say some of the guy’s that were also involved in that time decide ‘hey let’s start something cool, another blockchain’ great! now we have people that are standing on a faulty foundation building the infrastructure of the world payment system - I love it - anarchy for everyone!
Never will Bitcoin ever be able to say it was meant to be developed for world adoption through compliance with consideration of the respective governing bodies of the world, it was built to undo the bankers,so back to the guy’s that adopted it with no respect for conformity and the society’s we live in, these guy’s build a bad ass coin or launch a killer token that serve’s one purpose or another but was built on the same lines that bitcoin was; to disrupt governing bodies finances: horrible idea, really was if you ask me, by disrupting the banking network of the world without giving it an option to opt in to your network or incorporate your design into thiers than you will simply create something like a trade war (just like we are seeing now), so somehow Dan Larimer and Charles Hoskinson avoid building in the shadow’s (I have no idea how they decided to be up front and transparent) and BTS is born, with consideration to world banking and regulations involved in Monetary handling - they both move on and attract others to their respective teams that also do not want to be identified as a user name but truly want to contribute to the crypto space and put their names on the line (others have done as much also) and then you end up with some very amazing platform’s from some guy’s that understood what integrity is and how it play’s into society, big players in the market’s better have some integrity or we all fall at the same time, anyway these guy’s have idea’s and move in their own direction and Cardano is born - born to be a Academic Peer Reviewed product, Charles technically could have hijacked any blockchain technology and built on top of it and become very wealthy but his choice to work toward a platform that is Academic Peer reviewed will set a standard over time and these other blockchains that you speak of- sure they lend to the ecosystem - but in my opinion if they do not lean toward societal norms and standards than all they are doing is pumping the hell out of the uneducated blockchain enthusiasts and the noobs to blockchain, what are they thinking?? They all tout bitcoin and the promises of a decentralized world of wealth by buying this or that coin/token but 98% of these projects are built to illegally line their pockets with wealth that has become immeasurable, but yes I agree they do contribute to the ecosystem in some way - Illegally most of the time -.
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Cardano has their own contribution to the market, but Cardano might not get crypto news outlets to fairly cover it. And, the Bitcoin price headlined the rally, advance on Tuesday to cross the $11,600 threshold for the first time since January 28.

It’s only $11,600 … long way to go … scarcity sells.

I sent $13 for 13 cents this morning. Check the mem pool BitchCash is more expensive to transact today

Can anyone brief What does cardano do…Like what is the project is all about?

I tried to make a quick summary but think this would be a fun thread of its own, I will tag you in a new topic @jaindevash with my own short summary .

I wanted to understand about Cardano in very layman terms like What kind of problem they intend to solve. Such that a investor can understand in what he investing into.