Cardano is ignored by Cointelegraph?

Cardano was not included in Price Analysis by Cointelegraph today.
See their tweet.

I commented on their tweet to include.
Cardano community, please do the same.
It’s not funny anymore to be ignored by every major news platform.

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Cardano is ignored much like Bitshares and Ethereum were, both projects Charles Hoskinson was involved with, both Bitshares and Ethereum have delivered great crypto products as they promised to do and I believe Cardano will do as well, all three of the projects have had one thing most other crypto foundation’s of our day are missing, integrity, integrity is more important now than it ever has been in crypto - and few coins have a trustworthy foundation to stand on, most of the crypto news outlets were born in the day of upending governments and ending fiat corruption and bitcoin will rule the world! BTS promised a similar structure to what we see now on Wall Street, except they did it crypto, ETH promised what we see now in banking, except in crypto, and Cardano is promising to bring it all together in one place, Wallstreet - Banking - POS (Point of Sale), crypto, it does not surprise me that alot of BTC early adopter’s do not support Cardano, Cardano is not just for the crypto community, it is for everyone and is being designed for use by everyone in a decentralized manner that the user’s around the globe can vote for it’s direction and how it can be managed.
Cardano will be ignored by those that believe in btc is coin to rule them all, and all the old outlets are btc collector’s (which is all btc is right is a collectors coin?)
Anyhow, I think we surely need a way to convert ADA to fiat soon so that i can spend my few ADA when it is up against the dollar, and the suppression is starting to irritate me too.