As mass adoption takes place and glitches in the system are ironed out Cardano will become number 1 and dinosaur bitcoin will eventually wither and die.ADA price will be hundreds of dollars.


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Search up Lindy effect. Bitcoin won’t die that easily. And as much as anyone here wants ADA to escape the atmosphere and make it’s own galaxy somewhere far away, that amount of $ x needs to come from somewhere concrete and it won’t happen in only a few months. Either we wait very patiently for that to happen OR do something in the community to support the ecosystem. Enjoy your stay!


Nice nickname


Stay cool and relax. Although a ADA transaction is much faster then Btc transaction.
Bitcoin is the glue that holds everything together ,and at the moment no other can replace its function.
But with adoption and a strong comunity we may all archieve our goals.
And Ada is made to be one of the leadders and maybe one day replace btc.

Hopefully enough new money comes into the crypto space that Cardano won’t have to replace other coins to get it’s moonshot. Tokenization of global assets and resources, onboarding third world economies, and drawing financial contracts and services into the smart contract world with Marlowe and Plutus are 3 ways this could happen.

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Thx l was called a noob on here when l first joined so l guess that’s my nickname now

As the moment we speak. ADA just kick out to number 12. After kick by BNB, XLM, BSV, and lastly TRX.

11 or 12 what does it change, it’s not revelant… Tron pumping just because Justin Sun made a tweet today, he did an announcement of a huge announcement on June 3 lol :grin:

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I saw your avatar and cracked up at the reference. Thank you for the laugh.

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My pleasure my friend!

Just my opinion.
Of the coins at 7th to 11th, Stellar’s the only proper project that deserve’s to be there. BNB will definitely give you gains but it’s an exchange coin. I don’t see it getting that far (I could be wrong). BSV is you already know. Tether is becoming like the dollar it’s pegged to, backed by lies. Tron has Bittorrent doing stuff but how Tron actually do stuff is kinda ehhh.

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Guys … please remember
This is a 10000 meters obstacle run, a marathon!
Most of projects will fade in time, just some more patience and you would see Cardano in the place that deserves!

Justin Sun’s multimillion $ dinner ,what a noob

Unfortunately a lot if people on different social media platforms say Cardano has no marketing just updates to existing ADA holders