Can I mint an unlimited supply of tokens?

Can I mint an unlimited supply of tokens?

I know we can mint a large number of tokens, but I was thinking if we can mint, mainly an unlimited amount of tokens?

If so, how do we write it on the terminal? funds=*?


You can leave the policy unlocked and then do additional mints of your token forever.

But each mint transaction will mint a specific final number of tokens.

What do you mean by funds=? What tool do you use to mint? That’s not an option of cardano-cli.

So there is no way of making it unlimited per se. We can only mint for ever, right?

Sorry you are right, funds= is not where that number goes. I meant on the build-raw’s --mint part.

Yeah, no, a mint has to mint a concrete number of tokens. Those are output to the address you choose. What should be output if you were able to choose *?

You’d always have to have transactions, where tokens from that infinite supply are brought into the network … and those are precisely the mint transactions.

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Thanks! @HeptaSean