Can meme coins onboard new people to Cardano?e

Some teams are putting a lot of effort, time, and money to finish their project. They strive for launching a new application on Cardano. Teams may be a little jealous of the success of meme coins. The interest in financial speculation is huge. Is it possible to conclude that people are more interested in meme coins than in the technology itself? We don’t think it’s that simple. While the success of meme projects is ephemeral, DeFi services are more likely to succeed globally and maintain their acquired status in the long term.


The success of Bitcoin and the entire blockchain industry began through financial speculation. Meme coins would not exist without blockchain. People are excited about the ability to easily create digital scarcity and own tokens without having to trust a middleman. Onboarding to DeFi services is underway and the ecosystem is undergoing an important stress test. Meme coins can be an important impetus for the further growth of the Cardano ecosystem. Thanks to meme coins, Cardano can be perceived as a reliable and secure platform for building real financial services.

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Maybe it does - even quite likely. But the question is: are these the people we want? Not that there is a way to choose. If it is just for making Cardano known better in the flood of crypto coins - then they are welcome. If you look at (some) media I had always the impression that Cardano is often overlooked if not completely ignored. But in terms of adding value to the community - I don’t see much from that kind of crowd.

I don’t want to sound hostile or whatever overly negative. It’s just that I have the feeling, that the Cardano chain will be used more for scams, fraud, pump’n’dump etc. than it used to be in the past.