Can smart contract send ADA? How do we see which transfers have been made by smart contract?

In Ethereum and Filecoin, transfers made in smart contract are different from transfers made by a transaction. Regular transfers are immediately visible, and to get access to transfers made by smart contract, you need to “trace” the transaction and analyze traces.

Question - in recently added to Cardano mainnet smart contracts, is there some specific way of extracting transfers made by smart contracts, or all transfers, regardless of main transaction or smart contract call, are recorded as UTXO transfers?

I’m running Cardano Node and using Cardano DB Sync, so I have full mainnet available in Postgres. Anyone has an example of real smart contract call which actually transferred some ADA? I see that explorer provides a way to see smart contract transactions: Contract Transactions - Cardanoscan but I’m having hard time understanding what those smart contracts have done, especially finding one which sent some ADA