Transferring to the contract address

Hi, i’m here for help
I have transfer my ADA coin to the contract address.Could the community help me or could you please inform me to the support of ADA team

Thank you

What contract address? Can u give us more details?

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I have transfer ADA coins form metamask to the address of the Cardano contract address

This contract address


This is the contract address of ADA contract

Can i post the picture, unless admin delete the reply

So did u transfered to binance account?

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As per your screen shot: bscada

If these are Binance Peg ADA, then they are not real ADA. They are Binance smart chain tokens that exist on BSC only. These tokens are BEP20 and are not compatible with Cardano network.

You need to contact Binance and let them know you sent their token to non-supported network. They may be able to help you since they created this peg token.

Also, I think there is a way to unwrap those pegs into real ADA. Should be some instruction on Binance about how to convert their wrap tokens to real ones.

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Oh thank you actually i have inform Binance
They said they can’t retrieve my coin back because it less than1000usd
So i find out the support of metamask and i found that i has transfer to the contract address

So it is not the contract address but it is the ADA of binance chain right?

I’m sorry I do not understand what you are asking.
However, if it is Binance Peg then only Binance can help. Contact them again and ask for instructions.

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Could i ask there are someone told me that he work at Cardano and will be the fee of $160
So i dont trust him but this solve has been to paid the fee as much as of the half of my coin, right?

What? Are you saying that someone is asking you to pay $160 to get your ADA back?

Yea but i havn’t done that

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But why he said this

You are being scammed. Please report this to Cardano Fraud Detection Bureau as well as Binance support.

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Not scam… this message is from binance…I understood that they are requesting money in order to recover lost ADA

No, he said that:

Probably some one from telegram? Then do not pay…


Better contact binance team via binance site/app

This message form that guy
Via Messenger in Facebook

Havn’t pay

And thank you Neo_spank so much for help me

Thank you so much for help

Omg The guy he is the current employee
Position : senior officer

Cardano support in telegram just told me