Can the public IP address of the block producing and relay nodes be the same if they are both on a same machine and relay server is running virtually?

I am currently trying to configure the block producing node and I am a bit confused on where it asks to update the address with the public ip address of the relay node server. As both (the relay and block producing nodes) have the same public address. Will they need to be different? If so how can I change the relay node public ip address? Thank you.


Yes the public ips can be the same. You will want to port forward any router to your relay node(s), and only allow traffic from your relays to your bp.

You specify the node operating port via the node start command as well as use it when having other nodes connect via their own topologies

Your friend, FROG

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Thank you for the reply ADAfrog. The forwarding should be done from the router itself correct? Not the VirtualBox? I ask because I am able to ssh setup the server only when my network is set as “bridge” as oppose to NAT, which prevents port forwarding.

Hello - You won’t need to port forward your router if the vps is located outside your home network

My vps is withing my home network.