IP Addresses of Relay and Block Producer Nodes in VirtualBox

Hello. I am following the Stake Pool Course. So far so good. But today, I have a road block. I am now in the part where I am changing the topology files so that Relay nodes talks to BP node and other relay nodes. Also, BP node should only talk to my Relay node. I am doing all of this in VirtualBox. I was looking for the IP addresses of my nodes but but found out that they are using the same IP address ( How did you guys went ahead with this? I mean in my topology files, I cannot declare both relay and BP nodes to have the same IP obviously.

This solved my issue:

  1. In VirtualBox control panel go to File → Preferences → Network
  2. Select NAT Networks tab, create a new “NatNetwork” by clicking + button at side and press OK.
  3. Now select each VM go to Settings → Network
  4. In Attached to: option choose NAT Network and select “NatNetwork” and press OK.
  5. Restart all the VMs.
  6. Now VMs have different network address.

From virtualbox - Why are my two virtual machines getting the same IP address? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange

NAT adds overhead. Most routers are capable of guest/private LANs. You can create one and dedicate it to your vms over the same nic as your host. Routers are different, so Google is your friend. :slight_smile:

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