Virtual Box Ubuntu On 2 Different Local Computers Using VPN Static IPs. How to set topology and local machines so relay and node can find each other?

Title Says it :slight_smile:

Been messing with ports and IPs trying to get my virtual boxes to connect across space and time on two different PCs. If anyone has any advise that would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have advice but I’m glad to be apart of the this community

hi @mraybin,

I don’t know if this helps at all?

I appreciate the input but unfortunately no. I get that I need to put in the IP and the port so that the main node only points to the relay and the relay should point to the node and the rest of the world. My issue is I have the IPs from my VPNs and ports pointing to my nodes, I guess I am having a difficult time getting those IPs and ports into the Virtual Box Ubuntu guest through a Windows 10 host. So this is more of a port forwarding question.

Have you ruled out port forwarding on your router?

I have been spending a lot of time working with my vpn to get them to open the proper ports. Once I got the appropriate ports open then I forwarded properly via router. After that I forwarded local IP from host to guest vbox. Everything connected for a good 30 seconds and then stopped. No changes were made at any point to make it stop working. Checking back through everything the last point of failure I am able to see is the VPN requested port being open. It changed from open to filtered. This happened on both VPN IPs at the same time. I contacted support of the VPN and they said the issue was on my end and that they were showing as open in their system. They did a refresh any ways and the ports opened again temporarily. Not sure if my ISP is secretly working against me? as no changes took place after it kicked on initially.

Yeah the ports opening temporarily is concerning - could it be possible your Win10 host is firewalling?

I double checked that four or five times just to be sure I had the host right. I blame the VPN or my ISP because when I used my ISPs dynamic IP I can successfully keep the port open without issue.

I would have to concur based on your responses.