Public IP of relay and BP

If BP and relay node are set up in virtual machine of one computer, their public IP is SAME.
Is it ok to operate nodes?

not best practice (security, reliability, availability, etc) but it should work


If you choose to go ahead with this setup please make sure to protect the port which you use for the Block Producer.

Be aware that an attack to the publically visible relay may impact the performance of your Block Producer.

What could be a good option: Run that Relay as a hidden relay (not registered) together with additional relays which reside on different hosts and IPs.

Your host will require of course 2x RAM. CPU should not be a problem as CNODE anyways cannot efficiently make use of multiole cores.

Hello. Thanks for your reply.
Not registered means relay node ip is not included a pool information file (setting pledge, cost)???

2022년 6월 7일 (화) 15:53, Markus [VITAL] via Cardano Forum <>님이 작성:

Yes. This is correct