Can we set balance payment address same as sender using cardano-wallet api?

Hi there,
I am using cardano-wallet api to receive payments and I am going to send some native tokens to sender.

I am using above api to send some ada and native tokens to sender.
My question is Can we set balance payment receiver address same as sender so that for next sender its same ?
I am giving example below to understand more

lets say I have address address_a which I am using to receive payments from other users

lets say I received payments from users with address_b , address_c , address_d
lets say I have 100 native tokens
now using above api if I send some tokens say 10
it will send 10 tokens to address_b and balance tokens to my address other than address_a lets say address_d

now if I send 10 more tokens to address_c sender will be either address_a or address_d

I want to receive balance tokens always to address_a so that for all outgoing transaction sender is same which is address_a in my case.

I want to know if it is possible using above api ?

Note: I have tried to forcefully keep balance tokens and amount to same address used as sender but it gives me error
I am unable to finalize the transaction, as there is not enough ada available to pay for the fee and also pay for the minimum ada quantities of all change outputs. I need approximately 2.185213 ada to proceed. Try increasing your wallet balance or sending a smaller amount.",“code”:“cannot_cover_fee”