Concerned - Can you tell me why my balance hasn't updated by 400k in the link?

Thank you.

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the transactions at the bottom of the linked page show it’s going to a different address


I saw there were 2 transactions, but the final address has the right balance

from where to where did u tried to send ada?


I used metamask or uniswap - the total should big higher than 4131, those transactions seem to be just hung or something? The transactions are about 200k cardano (ada) each.

Thanks for your reply.

Metamask and uni swap are Ethereum, Cardano has nothing to do with ethereum so you can’t send ₳ to ethereum wallets.

If you used an exchange that allowed you to submit that transaction then you Will need to speak to that exchange, as it is impossible to send ₳ to the ethereum network

it was mycrypto, you can change between blockchains automatically

Honestly it’s impossible to send ₳ to another blockchain. It’s like trying to save a word document written on PC 1. To PC 2 when neither are connected in anyway.

If a blockchain appears to allow to hold another token from a different blockchain then it is not that token.

Metamask wallet supports all tokens run on the ethereum blockchain - cardano is not

you can see the transactions, must be using a cross platform protocol

Honestly there isn’t one. You need to contact the exchange . If there was a transaction there would be a transaction ID showing the amount of ₳ going from one address to another.

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You have just sent us the address for your ₳ wallet that has 4k ada

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On they write: “MyCrypto supports ETH , ETC , all testnet networks (Ropsten, Kovan, Rinkeby), any other Ethereum-based network ( UBQ , EXP , POA etc.) and any Ethereum Standard Tokens - aka “ERC-20” tokens.” - it is the best to contact them.

the 4000 you see currently in the wallet used the same process

Okay, then they are likely using a service like an instant exchange (similar to Anycoin, Coinswitch, Changelly and Shapeshift). They often advertise with the fact that you can exchange almost every cryptocurrency directly into another one.

But what really happens is you send, for example, Bitcoin and specifying a destination address and then they will transfer desired currency to the destination address. This is not a swap that happens in one transaction, it works more like an exchange with automated withdrawal.

I’d say if this was such a service, then the probability is high that you will get it in a few hours because something has to be processed. But we can only guess here.

ok, i did another tiny transaction “after” those two large ones and it updated the balance…

what do you think those transactions are doing?

so there should be a transaction to the addr wallet - nothing?

a few cardano for whoever fixes this

It can’t be fixed… u should contact support team from

I did, i’m just trying to figure out what happened, maybe the transaction failed on their end?

Yes, could be the reason… or maybe the transaction is delayed; that’s why u need to contact them