Can't locate cardano-cli executable file after nix installation


I have installed a cardano node on my laptop using nix. Laptop runs Ubuntu 16.04. This went smoothly is working well.

I have now used nix to install a node on a remote server running Ubuntu 20.04. The node is up and running but if I try and query the node using the cardano-cli command I get:

cardano@vmi521782:~$ cardano-cli query tip --mainnet
cardano-cli: command not found

I created a new user ‘cardano’ for both installs. A home/cardano/.local/bin
directory was created on the laptop, by the installer, with the cabal, cardano-node and cardano-cli executables in it.

This directory was not created on the server. On the laptop I get this result:

cardano@tom-ThinkPad-X220:~$ whereis cardano-cli
cardano-cli: /home/cardano/.local/bin/cardano-cli

On the server:

cardano@vmi521782:~$ whereis cardano-cli

I can find the cardano-node executable on the server (from looking at the mainet-node-local file) at:


but cannot find the cardano-cli executable. Where can I find it and why is the installation different in each case?

Yep, Noticed the same issue. Someone should raise this as an issue in github.