Can't Open Yoroi via Google Chrome

Hi- I’ve never used this kind of wallet before…after I logged out of my machine…I can no longer find a launch button to reopen the wallet. This is maddening. I downloaded the Google extension and there is no shortcut. When I get to the main page its asking me to download versus log in. Nothing in the instructions talks about logging back in so apparently its not supposed to do this. Any advice on how to log back in is appreciated.


The Yoroi symbol/button is to the right of the address bar, in this case third from the left:
Screenshot 2021-02-16 182200

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I really really appreciate your response. I just don’t have that on my bar…I’ll look up how to add it to the bar… it’s turned on in Google settings… weird.

extension bar

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Thanks Rob. I couldn’t get the image shortcut on the extension toolbar but I could set a shortcut that worked like a charm. Many thanks

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