Cardacity: collect and trade the cities you’re passionate about

Hey everyone!

We’re dropping by to let you know about our project called Cardacity.

Cardacity is a CNFT project that will allow everyone to own their favorite cities as digital tokens! We are on Project Catalyst F5 and we have big plans for when Smart Contracts come out - you can read about it on our proposal.

But in the meantime we’re dropping a limited edition 1/1 unique version of every city in our database. Think of it like a founder’s edition! The cities are randomized, so you never know which one you’re gonna get! The fun part is trading and looking around for the person with the card that you want :sweat_smile:

This last weekend we opened our first drop of the first 2,5k cities. We’re selling well and 9 capitals were already pulled (a couple of them were already sold in the second market for 250 ADA :fire:).

It’s been so much fun seeing people trying to find their hometowns and trading on our Discord! However we are still a small community and we’ll need to grow more to sell all of our 26k cities.

So, if you think the idea is interesting it would mean the world to use if you checked out our website.

:point_right: Check out our Explorer page and discover if we have your city in the database! You can search for it and see if it was already minted or not.

:point_right: Drop by our Store page and grab yourself a couple of cities! They are random, which is part of the fun. We have really nice discounts if you buy 5+ and 10+ at once. The sale process is fully automated and you’ll get your cities and a small amount of ADA back in a couple of minutes. Hurry up before we run out of cities in the first drop!

:point_right: Join our Discord! We are building a cool community where people are already trading, sharing cool facts about their cities, etc. We have an automated channel where you can see in real time the cities being pulled.

:point_right: For further updates, follow us in our social media. Every link is here mentioned in this post can be accessed through our Linktree: C₳RD₳CITY | Linktree

Feel free to ask any questions related to the project, we’ll be around to answer them! Make sure to try out our store experience, even if just for 1 city (only 10 ADA). It’s really fun, it’s like opening a Panini pack, or similar :slight_smile:

Here is a cool city that was already pulled - Addis Ababa, capital of Ethiopia (#CardanoAfrica):


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This project is a scam. Stay away.

Thanks next time I will remember your wise words of not to put in savings into any project because there is no guarantee that the devs would work to deliver afterwards. I wish you all the best. I have lost my interest to be in the discord, I am out. Talk to me in a year and tell me how it’s going.