Cardacity NFT Scam

Cardacity NFTs is a potential scam project on Cardano. They have sold 26,567 NFTs to date. After the sale the team has gone silent with barely any updates from weeks to months, has not delivered on promises made at the time of sale and has outright neglected to communicate properly with the community.

Please open an inquiry into this project at the earliest. Lot of people have put their ADA on this project running on Cardano.


You might one to report the project here

but if u check the roadmap u will see that they are on target (except last delay)


Thank you Sir. Somebody has to look into that project because they raised a lot of ADA from the sale of 26,567 NFT and then just smoke afterwards.

I think after the sale of the NFTs they were supposed to provide beta Q4 of 2021. Delayed to Q1 of 2022. Q1 is almost over and still nothing. If you are suggesting to give it some more time. I can update you what happens next quarter and then report at the link provided.


Sometimes it’s hard to keep the line with the roadmap and delays can occurre … let’s wait and see or u can ask more details/infos on their discord channel… did u asked?

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Yes, infact a lot of community members have asked, reply from the dev doesn’t seem to be reassuring, excuses include they are working at it part time, they are unable to find time to work on the project etc to which they have no real solutions. Disregards suggestion from the community to hire a full time dev. Not very promising but like you said let’s see if they delay another quarter. There’s only so much 1 can delay before it becomes obvious.

I totally agree and confirm all the information provided by Metajaskar. I am part of the Cardacity project too and spent/invested more than $5,000 USD in the project.

The project has turned into a slow rugpull.

Dev is no longer interested in pursuing the project. Lots of lame and unacceptable excuses. Broken promises. No updates.

Aside from the sold out 26k NFt sale, the members have injected more funds into the project via the auctions made by the dev for the NFTs that the dev own. He made a lot of ADA out of it.

There was more than enough funds to deliver the project on time.

Apparently, there’s only 1 developer who is the project owner himself. All other members he posted were just ghosts. None of them introduced themselves even after community calls out for them to join the discord chat to know them.

Please look into this.

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