Technical Help with an Investigation of Potential Scam Cardano Project/s

Hi, I am currently writing an investigative piece on popular Cardano project which I have very good reason to believe is a scam. I have extensive evidence which has taken many hours/days to compile.

I am looking for some input from somebody with a good technical knowledge of the Cardano network to add their thoughts and comments on some technical aspects of the project. I am from a dev background myself, but I cannot speak with authority on issues relating to Cardano/Haskell/Plutus etc.

Would anyone be willing to offer me some assistance please? Discretion is assured, and no names need be given or will be published.

I can be contacted on or of course through this forum.

Many thanks


you know, it’s hard to demonstrate that a project is a SCAM till will not happen but it’s easy to WARN the community about the project.
so, you can let details about the project here, and other people can share the opinions here


I totally agree, but sadly the project has been highlighted as a scam to the community many times and the warnings often dismissed as ‘FUD’. I am in the process of compiling all of the evidence I have found into a structured coherent format and will absolutely be posting it here. I welcome community feedback and any technical input that may re-enforce the message to the less technical in layman’s terms for the wider community. I aim to publish within 24 hours. Thanks again.

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Don’t be afraid, are u talking about MELD? :smiley: