Cardano Marketplace

Hi! I would like to know if anyone here has taken a look at a project called “The Cardano Marketplace”. They claim to be a job listing website for the Cardano ecosystem.

Their website is I created an account but I would like to have further reference before diving any deepeer (I’m not related to the project).

You could check around Catalyst or ask on discord.
Not getting a good vibe though, with no details about the team or any real contact details (not even social media).

Yeah, I’m not gettting it either. Specially from the fact that every Cardano related project I’ve seen is widely commented and encouraged by the SPO community on twitter, and I’ve not seen a single comment about this.

looks like a regular sales site, using the Cardano name. Site is from this month it says. (Some sort of copyright and trademark abuse.)

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I have reached out to the company, asking about Copyright and Trademark regarding their “company name”, also asked them on twitter…no replay so far. But copyright and trademark i believe has been abused.

Well, the Cardano Foundation has its mechanism to authorize the usage of the brand, we still don’t know if they have some kind of license. I’m more worried about the fact of wether it is a legit organization or scammers.