Many New Project associating with Cardano

Hey, guys, this days, there are many new project that is lauching, as up for today, there are about 20 projects, that said, it gonna be launched in Cardano blockchain, what your opinion/take in this, really like to discuss more.

For example:
In Launchpad Sector:
2 Major project that i’ve been following is
Cardstarter and

Most of them, is trying to launch, but they’re using ERC-20 first as a medium, and later on launch to Cardano, and i’ve been following quite a lot, and wondering, what you guys think of this.



Hi @jvincent,

I think Cardano still has to go through the trajectory some other defi projects like Etherium, Binance coin, Polkadot and Solana have gone through. And that is the trajectory that follows when actual projects are being launched. Elliot has made a very nice video explaining this. I think he is right:

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Well, i already watched the video, i agree with your opinion and also believe that Cardano as a blockchain gonna through some trajectory phase, but what your take in investing on project that they’re branding themselves with the euphoria of Cardano?

You mean superfarm?

many external project like Cardstarter/OCC, what do you think, or do you invest in them?

I am eyeing all new projects working to start on cardano. I am mostly interested in dex’s but in general all smartcontract use cases. Have not yet invested in any.