New Projects List

Is there a place to go and learn about new upcoming project launching on the Cardano blockchain? Or how does some learn about new projects?

Thank you

There is a telegram channel : Telegram: Contact @CardanoCommunityMarketplace to discuss such projects.

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Is it will be better if you can create sub forum for new projects? At least there will be a documented data in here.

I think I understand what you mean. I don’t mind the telegram community. But I was hoping for something more official/centralized. I am just looking for a new project announcement hub and not a social media channel filled with many comments. Those channels make it difficult to actually find the projects.

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Something like that isnt planed right now. But who knows about the future :slight_smile:

Its not that easy. Who is doing all the research about all those projects? Because nobody wants to announce or list projects which are clearly scams.


I totally agree that it is not easy how to choose which one is scammed and which one is not scam. But, like it or not Cardano must prepare. Because Cardano is launching a smart contract which I think we as community and also Cardano is hoping that there will be project build on Cardano. By doing one section just for new projects, it will help both Cardano community to monitor, and the developer to announce their project. And it will good publication too for Cardano.

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