Cardano A-Z (CAZ): One year, 500+ subscribers and new Paradigm!

English translation of Cardano A-Z (CAZ): Un año de existencia, +500 suscriptores y nuevo Paradigma! by Rodrigo [RODRI]

Published at Cardano Forum, September 8th, 2020.

We are happy to provide a news service to 500+ members of the Cardano Hispanic community for over a year!

We are proud, first, to belong to this beautiful community, and secondly to be useful in some way. And although we believe that we have partly achieved this, with an average of 7 daily publications and more than 5500 total publications, both in spanish and english, our dream of a big project indicates that this is not enough, but only the first step.

New horizon for Cardano A-Z

We firmly believe that a project survives over time when it adapts. And adapting includes both adjusting pegs and changing the model if necessary. In these moments, we understand that a change is needed, but not a minor or superficial refresh, but a change of paradigm, something substantial that disrupts the bases, because in this case we are not talking about a business strategy, but an evolution in how to manage intangible assets.

A big project is only built with the community

We are entering an epic era in Cardano, where Goguen and Voltaire are crystallizing, pushing the participative governance towards a decentralized future. And we understand that this is the right path, because community participation is the most powerful resource a project has to push itself to the infinite and beyond.

We have a dream

Our dream is that one day Cardano A-Z, which was born as a Telegram channel managed by a member of the community, will become a project managed entirely in a decentralized manner, where decision making is carried out among all its members, and where all its members, directly or indirectly, will benefit from it.

This vision of decentralized governance originated from the project’s inception, but the appropriate context to start on that path was not present. Today we are close to having the right context in our hands. A significant critical mass of subscribers, Goguen/Voltaire entering the testing phase, the development of the CIP completed and published, and, above all, a community open to this type of new challenge.

Paradigm shift

A change of paradigm consists of a new way of conceiving a reality, and requires a new model of thinking, proposing solutions, providing services. In short, it is about building a new social and economic framework around these concepts.

We believe that it is time to make a start. It is time to break with the pre-established rules and try out new models. The technology is with us, and the crypto community is the right one because of its great adhesion to innovation.

Path to decentralization

We are currently defining the logic of the pilot protocol that will allow us to establish the basis of consensus for decision making, as well as outlining the next steps. We will keep you informed as we move forward.

We can only anticipate that decision making will cover every aspect of management and resource management that belongs to the Cardano A-Z project, including all services provided, and any income that could be obtained from them. In this context, it is important to clarify that the funds received by the CAZ pool through its commissions are part of the resources that the project has to finance itself. This is the reason for the CAZ pool. Furthermore, we hope that a portion of the participating members will also join in the creation of new proposals that promote Cardano in all of Ibero-America.

The fundamental goal is to make the project self-financing, self-managing and self-improving, through the active participation of its members. And who will be able to become a member? Well, anyone who wishes to participate. As soon as we have the first draft of the pilot program ready, we will give more details about it. For now, we recommend that you stay a member of the channel. This is not advertising, what we are saying has a reason.


To conclude with this introduction that gives more clarity to the survey published on the channel, it only remains to say that we hope for the participation of all, having as a horizon that CAZ no longer belongs to a single person, but becomes an asset of its entire community, specifically the hispanic community of Cardano. And towards that destination we will go, without stopover.

Thank you for your support!